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The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens Podcast

is a podcast that explores the systems science underpinning the human predicament. Conversation topics will span human behavior, monetary/economic systems, energy, ecology, geopolitics and the environment. The goal of the show is to inform more humans about the path ahead and inspire people to play a role in our collective future. Guests will be from a wide range of scientists, leaders, activists, thinkers, and doers.

The Great Simplification Animated Movie

The animation movie describes the backdrop for The Great Simplification – an economic/cultural transition beginning in the not-too-distant future. The movie describes how our species got to this point, the role of energy in our economies, and provides an overview of the relationship between energy, technology, money and the environment. Illustrating individual (and aggregate) human behavior tendencies in a novel modern environment and why these dynamics are relevant to our current challenges, The Great Simplification Movie describes how when people wear a ‘systems’ lens, it becomes clear that a Great Simplification is soon approaching.

Earth Day 2022 A Deck of Cards About the Future

2022’s contribution to Earth Day, taken in a slightly different direction. An art project and whirlwind science summary of our situation. Based on feedback from initial focus group, this presentation is best viewed once straight through to get the birds-eye view, without trying to grasp everything, and then watch a second time to absorb more details.


To protect future generations’ access to scarce inputs stored underground, to protect the environment from meaningless waste, and to reduce carbon emissions, nonrenewable resource use needs to be curtailed without restraining the economy. UnTax is one proposal to do so.

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